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Epoxy Flooring Systems

Below is one of our projects which was over 40,000 sq ft of our epoxy/urethane coating system at a Soap Manufacturing Plant that included providing coving in the freezer, compounding rooms, and mechanical rooms. We also added a non-slip additive to these areas to help significantly reduce the risk off slipping.

Lush After 1 Lush After 2 Lush Coving 2 Lush Coving

Below is one of our projects where we ground the concrete to an aggregate exposure then applied a clear epoxy/urethane system in a Satin finish to provide the concrete look while having the durability of a urethane coating. This was throughout the 4 level office space including the hallways, stairs, and kitchen.

stantec burnaby stantec 2 stantec 3 stantec 4


As one of the Premier Concrete Flooring Companies in BC, Level-Tech Concrete can provide you with the required floor coating system for your warehouse, office, home, garage, parkade, mechanical room, lobby, manufacturing plant, mill, pharmaceutical lab, restaurant, institution, and retail and commercial space. The options range from a simple epoxy to multi layered decorative flake and quartz systems, Metallic Epoxy, to fast setting industrial grade coatings.

With our background of being experts at surface prep and repair, we excell at providing epoxy and coating systems. The process of applying a coating starts with preparing the surface by taking care of cracks, holes, and control joints before any coating is applied. Shotblasting or Mechanical Grinding of the concrete surface is required to ensure a proper bond between the coating and the concrete.

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