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Concrete Polishing

Polished Concrete comes from the proven processes found in Terrazzo and hard surface finishing which allows you  to have long lasting, easy to maintain, clean flooring at the lowest cost over 10 years compared to any other flooring. Architectural polished concrete is becoming the flooring option of choice for commercial and residential applications.

 Existing or New Slab

With the option of a light polish to a deep aggregate exposure, concrete can be opened up with the use of diamond grinding to the aggregate exposure of your choice. You also get the choice of a matte to glossy finish. Concrete can also be stained or dyed to provide you the decorative concrete that you envisioned.

Light grinding and polishing of the surface reaches a ‘cream polish’

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More grinding will expose the topping sand which we refer to as ‘salt and pepper polish’.

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A ‘deep grind’ requires deep grinding that exposes large aggregate.

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Polished Concrete Topping

Polished concrete toppings, overlayments, and underlayments allow you to create a stunning polished concrete floor that rivals high end marble and granite, and is completely customized to you.

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Concrete polishing is a very versitle process that gives you the option to choose your colour, aggregate exposure, and shine. Polished Concrete provides you with a durable clean floor with the lowest overall cost to any other flooring option over a 5-10-20 year cycle.

Polished Concrete is achieved through 2 proccesses, Mechanical Densification and Chemical Densification. Mechanical Densification is the proccess of grinding, honing, and polishing to densify the surface and close off the pores in the concrete. Chemical Densification is the the proccess of applying penatrating agents into the concrete to chemically harden and dust proof the surface.

How it is done:

First you open up the surface to remove any sealant or existing residue, grind down to the exposure of your choice. The chemical densification proccess  proceeds where you apply the densifyer. You continue by gradually grinding using sequentially higher diamond grits to get the specified finish, then the floor is sealed (1-3 coats), and burnished. Polished Concrete can take as many as 15 steps which might include glue removal, epoxy removal, coatings removal, patching, control joints, crack chasing, micro staining, epoxy application, sealing, and burnishing.

To achieve the best results, using the right tools for the trade are required. We have invested into having the best tools in the trade to ensure the highest quality finish. Our SASE planetary diamond grinders/polishers are the industry leader, combined with our HTC80 id HEPA vacuums that comes with a built in preseperator that elimates 99% of dust, our Tennant scrubbers to ensure a completely dust free floor, and along with our burnishers which allow us to get you the floor that you envisioned.

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